Curated organic, vegan, fair trade, recycled and other caring products to save you time and stress.

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Joy, not junk.


What does Caring Consumers do?


Caring Consumers curates products and guides for people who want to fill their lives with joy, not junk. We seek out fair trade, vegan, handmade, recycled and other caring items to save you time and stress.

What do the abbreviations mean?

To make it easier to scan for items that align with your values in particular product categories we use abbreviations in the product titles and at times elsewhere on the site. The four abbreviations we use are:

FT - "Fair trade" - Certified Fair Trade

OR - "Organic" -  At least 70%+ Certified Organic ingredients which allows companies to label as Organic. If they are 100% Organic the description will read "Certified Organic"

VG - "Vegan" - Certified Vegan

RC - "Recycled" - The maker has explicitly stated a % recycled material


How do the hashtags work?

Throughout the product listings, you will see terms including the producer's name, materials used, country made in, and others preceded by a # (eg #madeinusa). If you click on a hashtag you will be taken to a listing of all other products that have that attribute - try it now! Click on the hashtag to see all products #madeintheusa

How do you make money? 

Currently we are part of the Amazon Affiliates program which means if you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We are actively researching other aligned partnerships and potential revenue streams and welcome your ideas here

Who is behind Caring Consumers?


Caring Consumers is part of the Gatherwell family, projects where financial success creates social change. Since 2013, Gatherwell has been building an ecosystem of regenerative economy businesses. Learn more at and